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Bernard Property Inspections, LLC offers a comprehensive list of professional inspection services.

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Providing top quality assurance to our customers, all new home or pre-owned residential inspection services conducted by Bernard Property Inspections, LLC will meet or exceed the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) - Standards of Practice (SOP) as generalized below:

Structural System

Visible inspection of the dwelling foundation (slab, pier & beam, etc.), pre-concrete pour (new construction / phase) and crawl space area (where applicable & accessible)
Grading & Drainage
Visible inspection of grade level and drainage around the dwelling foundation, gutters and downspouts
Roof Covering Materials
Visible inspection of roof surface / coverings, flashing details, roof penetrations, etc.
Roof Structure & Attic
Visible inspection of roof sheathing, framing members, attic space ventilation, insulation, etc.
Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors & Doors
Visible inspection of interior walls, ceilings, floors and doors inspecting for flaws, bowing, fire-blocking (where applicable), etc.
Exterior Walls, Doors & Windows
Visible inspection of exterior cladding, air barrier materials, flashing details, etc.
Exterior & Interior Glazing
Visible inspection of windows, glazing area, weather stripping, etc.
Interior & Exterior Stairway
Visible inspection of steps, landings, guard / handrails, balusters, etc.
Fireplace & Chimney
Visible inspection of firebox, hearth & extension, gas valve, combustion air vent, chimney structure, etc.
Porches, Balconies, Decks & Carport (where applicable)
Visible inspection of steps, landings, guard / handrails, balusters, etc.

Electrical System

Service Entrance & Panel
Visible inspection of electrical drip loop (where applicable), conductors, overcurrent devices (breakers), ground-fault or arc-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI / AFCI) devices, etc.
Branch Circuits, Connected Devices & Fixtures
Visible inspection of GFCI devices & locations, equipment disconnects, receptacles, manually test installed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, etc.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning System (HVAC)

Heating Equipment
Visible inspection of electric or gas-powered heating equipment, piping, etc.
Cooling Equipment
Visible inspection of cooling equipment (indoor & outdoor portions of split unit), piping, etc.
Duct Systems, Chases & Vents
Visible inspection of ductwork, insulation, filters, supply and return registers / grills, etc.

Plumbing System

Plumbing System
Visible inspection of plumbing system (water & gas), static water pressure, fixtures, waste and drainage for functional flow, etc.
Water Heater
Visible inspection of water heater equipment (electric or gas-powered), piping, energy source, safety devices, etc.
Hydro-Massage Therapy Equipment (Jet-Powered Bathtub)
Visible inspection of jet-powered bathtub system


Visible inspection of dishwasher unit and drainage
Food Waste Disposer (Garbage Disposer)
Visible inspection of food waste disposer unit
Range Hood & Exhaust System
Visible inspection of range hood, exhaust system and ductwork
Electric or Gas Range, Cooktop & Oven
Visible inspection of electric or gas range, cooktop and oven unit
Microwave Oven (Built-In)
Visible inspection of built-in microwave oven unit
Mechanical Exhaust System & Bathroom Heater
Visible inspection of exhaust system, ductwork and bathroom heater unit (where applicable)
Garage Door Opener
Visible inspection of garage door opener, photoelectric sensors, etc.
Dryer Exhaust System
Visible inspection of dryer exhaust system

Optional Components or Systems

These optional components or systems can be inspected for an additional fee, unless stated otherwise.

  • Landscape Irrigation System (Lawn Sprinklers) * Included in rate of full home/residential or full commercial inspection for up to 6x zones
  • Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Equipment
  • Outbuilding
  • Private Water Well
When building a new home, it is really in the best interest of the property owner to plan for proper phase inspections. These vital inspections will help ensure your investment is safeguarded and “up to snuff” as your new home construction project reaches progressive milestones, so problematic areas are not “covered up” haphazardly. Partnering with Bernard Property Inspections, LLC to conduct your new home construction / phase inspections would be a wise choice and will help ensure your new purchase is properly safeguarded as its being built.

There are typically three phases to a new home construction project:
Phase I
(Pre-Concrete Pour/Slab)
Visible inspection of excavated trenches / grade beams, reinforcement bars, formwork level & square, vapor / moisture barrier, etc.

Phase II
(Framing & Mechanical Rough-In)
Visible inspection of framing details, entire structure of home, electrical and plumbing details (pre-drywall application), vents, roof structure, exterior cladding, etc.

Phase III
(Final Inspection)
Visible inspection of entire home (structurally & mechanically), foundation, HVAC system, electrical & plumbing systems, installed appliances, life safety issues, etc.

Home builders typically offer a one-year warranty on the purchase of a new home, so give yourself that peace of mind and allow Bernard Property Inspections, LLC to perform an eleven-month warranty inspection, prior to your warranty expiration. This warranty inspection service conducted within the 11th month after property closing, will provide an itemized listing of deficiencies from a detailed evaluation of the home’s interior and exterior areas related to its major systems and components. It is definitely worth the investment of this inspection to help ensure you are safeguarded from any problematic issues, while still under the builder’s warranty.

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Prior to signing the lease on a commercial building property, allow Bernard Property Inspections, LLC to conduct a thorough inspection of the property for that sound peace of mind!
With our Thermal (Infrared) Imaging technology, you can now see what’s hiding (or not hiding) within the walls, ceiling and flooring. No need to worry though, this technology is not "x-ray vision" as it only measures temperature to locate hot spots, warm spots and cool spots, such as missing or inefficient insulation, electrical issues (over-heating), water intrusion, etc. Thermal (Infrared) Imaging can certainly help you better understand your property in terms of energy efficiency so contact Bernard Property Inspections, LLC and schedule your inspection today!

* Multiple Infrared images will be supplied FREE of charge and included to customers who pay for a full home/residential or full commercial inspection!

Bernard Property Inspections, LLC performs swimming pool & spa inspections so contact us today to schedule your inspection!

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Additional Inspections

  • Foundation Inspection

  • Foreclosure Inspection

  • Pre-Listing / Move-In Certified Inspection

Allow Bernard Property Inspections, LLC to Safeguard Your Property!

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